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[TechSurgery] – Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing – Haste

Good things take time, so be patient!

There’s a reason one of the longest living animals in modern history is also one of the slowest in terms of moving around: the Galapagos Tortoise (GT) is recorded to have pushed the boundaries of longevity to over of 160 years in some cases. Compare this to an average of 11 years in the case of the hare, which conventional wisdom affirms is much faster than the GT. In other words, the hare is potentially more than 10 times faster than the GT, but it struggles to achieve 10% of the GT s potential longevity.

The outstanding (and astounding) evolutionary success of the GT is not a fluke, and should be a powerful lesson to every Internet Marketer that speed (or the lack of it) is not the be all and end all. Otherwise the fastest land animal (the cheetah at over 70 miles/hour), or even the fastest bird (the swift at over 100 miles/hour) should also be the longest lived, or at least the most successful overall. But they are not.

Additionally, evolutionary biology helps us understand the survival trade-offs that have to be made for developing the ability to move fastest, including:

    1. Reduced body mass; normally not a bad thing 😉 but it may reduce the ability to withstand weather extremes and may also increase vulnerability to predators.
    2. Reduced capacity to quickly re-configure to adapt to changing circumstances (potentially highly risky).
    3. Ultra-specialisation to enable just a few faculties / abilities. Not bad, until the landscape changes drastically.
    4. Total dependence on a narrow range of energy sources and the body’s ability to process them.

Internet Marketers, this discussion is no dry lesson in biology, but an insight into how your survival can be helped by an understanding of how other species have learned over millions of years of trial and error to stay alive and safe in the jungle.

In practical internet marketing terms, speed of movement is not normally the problem, but the inability of the marketer and / or their business model to cope with (or even leverage) the rate of movement or change. By most accounts, the people best placed to cope with speed are the so-called gurus, the veterans in the IM jungle (and even they struggle with it sometimes). Other people (newbies and survivors alike) run the risk of making haste into an evolutionary dead end, and becoming seriously out of pocket to boot!

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Doesn’t what I’m saying here run counter to what the gurus try to pressure everyone else into doing, e.g. “Invest in this sure thing right now, don’t wait!” and similar high-pressure sales tactics? And isn’t it necessary to move quickly to exploit market(ing) opportunities? The answers are yes, and yes. Don’t always go by what the gurus tell you; let’s face it, the ultimate objective of any advice given by any animal up the food chain to those lower down is to make it easier for the top animal to find its next dinner, full stop. So some of the advice will try to help the lesser animal survive a bit longer, but that is to ensure tomorrow’s (and next week’s) dinner is there and preferably fatter!

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Random quote:

“Make everything you do and say focus on what’s in it for THAT buyer, then you succeed.”

— Nancy Bleeke
    1. If an opportunity is so time-limited that you must dive into it without a full evaluation, you are probably not going to be able to make much money from it, unless you already have systems and processes set up precisely to exploit such opportunities and eventualities. By the way, this is why the gurus keep getting rich, while 98% of IM-ers just keep struggling to get by, if at all! The less time you spend properly evaluating a biz-op, the more money you are likely to lose (or not make). Of course, you’ve got to take action, but not at the expense of being clear about whether you can (or should) do something and how it fits in with your overall IM strategy.
    2. Playing the long game is proven to bring long-term success, if done correctly. Whether you’re investing in the stock market, the housing market or the internet (market), it’s best to play it long!
    3. If you need substantial returns on your investment in less than 1 year, you may want to look elsewhere, as it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find any honest biz-op that will make you serious money too quickly. What about those reports of effortless earnings in 3 weeks from using a previously unknown loophole? Well, the loophole was always known since prehistory, and has always been exploited by con-artists (aka snake-oil salesmen); it’s the hybrid of greed and ignorance! I won’t be so uncharitable as to call it stupidity; after all, I’ve fallen for it more than once before! 🙁
    4. Something to chew on until next time: Do not (just) repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances. ~~ Adapted from Sun Tzu c. 490 BC, Chinese general and strategist.


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