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[TechSurgery] – Internet Marketing On A Wing And A Prayer

Is Your Internet Marketing On A Wing And A Prayer?

Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer
What a show, what a fight

Boys, we really hit our target for tonight

How we sing as we limp through the air

Look below, there’s our field over there

Though there’s one motor gone

We can still carry on

I really like what am seeing here and…

I'd like to keep in touch with you for more great content.

Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer.

~~ Words by Harold Adamson and music by Jimmy McHugh, 1942

You may be an online marketer trying valiantly to create a viable income stream out of the very many confusing options you see on the internet, knowing things are not (yet) going okay but desperately hoping for the best. But there are probably two main things working against you, whether you realise it or not:

  1. An illusion, and
  2. A challenge

The illusion is that making money online is any different from making money offline. In that many people allow themselves to be seduced by the “red lights” of easy money from little or no work, and in particular little or no skills. In the same way that doing business in any “red light district” is fraught with loads of overt and not so obvious risks, succumbing to the seduction of “effortless revenue generation” is sure to damage your financial health!

Random quote:

“Good enough never is.”

— Debbi Fields

True, things (like planes) can run on auto-pilot, but they cannot go very far without human intervention, especially when taking off and landing.

The challenge is that the more you buy into the latest, most talked about or shiniest biz-op that lands in your inbox, the greater your anxiety to get rich from it. But you hardly have time to look at it properly before the next “sure thing” pops up (literally “in your face”), and you grab it immediately, ensuring that you don’t miss the prosperity and early retirement that this latest one (also) promises.

The combination of these two things – the illusion and the challenge – especially when they afflict an internet marketer at the same time (which is almost always the case with everyone, except the battle-hardened veterans), very quickly leads to a condition characterised by desperation and progressive disconnect from internet marketing reality!

Sorry if this sounds very ‘morbid’, because it actually is! What such an internet marketer urgently needs is a “visit to the doctor” to get things properly diagnosed and finally bring them under proper control. Their financial well-being depends on it!

Think your internet marketing effort or business will sort itself out without a viable strategy and a practical plan? Think again. Then “call the doctor”, or look out for the next opportunity for strategic consulting with him…

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